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Eat Cleanse Move, Holistic Health Activation, 3 Phases eBook, Rob Stuart,, and is an informational website. 

Rob Stuart is not a medical doctor and as such all his advice should be seen an informational.

Implementing any and all of his tips located in,, his YouTube channel (Rob Stuart), in any of his emails from and/or, any Skype calls should be considered informative and as such following steps laid out in them is completely your decision.

Due to this,Rob and/or Holistic Health Activation and/or Heal Your Skin and cannot be held responsible for any and all injury, death, emotional stress, lost time and financial loss that eventuates as a result of following any/all of the tips on the mediums listed above.

 a) It is entirely and 100% your choice to follow any tips or advice on my Youtube channels, in my eBook(s), in the 3 Phases Course and/or The Heal Your Skin group.

 b) By downloading my eBook or watching my free training you agree that you WILL speak with your local doctor and/or healthcare provider before implementing any/all of my steps mentioned in paragraph a).

 c) By downloading my eBook or purchasing any of my products you also yourself claim full responsibility for any mental strain and/or stress and/or trauma, physical injury, emotional trauma, financial loss. Once again this is because of what is mentioned in paragraph a) being that it is entirely your own decision to follow Andy/all of my advice in my free or paid content.

 d) I do not make any guarantees at all that you will achieve clear skin or even notice a slight difference. Some people experience no results, some people experience some results and some people experience complete silence and eradication of their skin disease as well as other improvements in their overall health. This is due to a multitude of reasons, some being external factors, your own effort and health, mental issues that are outside the scope of my advice.

Once again, I make NO promises at all that you will heal your skin.

 e) My advice has helped people before and will continue to do so, but it feel it necessary to include this in my t's and c's.

 f) I am also not personally responsible for ensuring that you follow any/all of my advice properly. I am not your parent, doctor or guardian.

 g) I am not responsible for making sure you know when my advice is overwhelming you and when to stop. It is up to you to use your own

common sense.


Refund Policy

I cannot refund you for what you have 100% control over. The program is proven and has worked for thousands, but it only works for those who really follow its step-by-step simple instructions. Therefore we do not offer refunds, all sales are final at time of purchase

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